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  2. Add to cart and checkout.

  3.  If you choose coin payment you can do it online, and the payment will be confirmed after half one hour.
  4. If you choose Westernunion, You will receive an email about our western union payee information as soon as you submitted the order. And you can do the Westernunion payment online or through the local agent . Please contact us via EMAIL /SKYPE / WECHAT OR WHATSAPP  with your ORDER NUMBER and MTCN number.  so we will arrange shipping for your order asap.
  5. Normally your order will be shipped out within 48 hours, please contact us if you don't receive your tracking number after 48hours.



Credit Card Online 

Online Payment  !  Very Easy  !  And Fast ! 

Accept Visa & Master .Please check your credit card bill after you submit the order.

Ask the issued bank to release money  If the payment is pending.

Usually the payment will clear or decline within 24 hours.

Western Union

There are 2 ways to pay with Western Union. Online with your card, and in real life at an agent location.

Follow these guides on how to pay with Western Union.